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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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not. when you dig deeper into the poll, americans trust the senate more than the house by a mere 4 percent margin. it's a pretty sad state of affairs. lawmakers are even in the same conversation. that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining this. have a great night. as you read pecker tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening. republicans say no talks on the budget are scheduled, and there has been no progress at all and avoiding the fiscal glove. the white house plan is just the opposite, that progress is being made toward a bipartisan agreement. there is no dispute about the fact that we are now 28 days frrm going over the fiscal cliff with no talks taking place between either side and more
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troubling, no talks scheduled between the president and house speaker. we take all of this up here tonight with former special assistant to president george w. bush, veteran democratic politicos strategist and republican pollster. president obama issued a warning to syrian leader declaring there will be consequences if syria uses chemical weapons on its own people. the president's steered clear of defining those consequences. egis political crisis is widening cajon. a general strike to protest the presence unrestricted new powers. in this country's hospitals that deadly new bacteria that is more than just drug-resistant, it is draw prevent spreading. just how high is that this book of? we begin tonight with the fiscal
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clef which produced more far spent progress rejecting the speaker of the house claim that no progress is being made >> the house speaker said on fox news sunday right now i would say we are nowhere in terms of the fiscal cliff negotiations. does the president agree? >> no, he does not. you saw secretary geithner over the weekend on aaother sunday shows very clearly express the president's position, talk about the proposals the president has put forward and express our belief that there has been progress and that we can achieve a bipartisan agreement. lou: the president has not spoken to the house speaker about a resolution to the fiscal cleft cents a late night phone call last wednesday. instead dispatching treasury secretary timothy geithner did last thursday to present a
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plan that the speaker deemed not serious. here is his response to the negotiations that have largely taken place through the media. >> flabbergasted. he can't be serious. i've never seen anything like it seven weeks between election day and the end of the year. and three of those weeks have been wasted with this nonsense. lou: the speaker, an absence of actual conversation or anything resembling negotiations sent a letter to the president with the republican counteroffer which included $800 billion in new revenue through tax reform, closing loopholes and deductions instead of raising rates. 1 trillion in spending cuts to including health care reforms such as raising the medicare retirement age and limiting the cost of living adjustments for social security recipient. meanwhile, a brand new poll dismisses the president's claims of a mandate to raise taxes.
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a survey of 800 obama voters split right down the metal on the political ppll on how they want obama to cut the deficit. 41 percent responded in favor of spending cuts. 41 percent of respondents saying they favor tax increases. the white house says it will offer a counterproposal to house speaker proposal. saying that unless he accepts tax increases on the rich the president is willing to go over the cliff. let's get straight to the politics of these developments and the rhetoric and possible economic impact of failure to resolve the issues. joining as, former special assistant to president george w. bush, a veteran political consultants and republican pollster. let's start, if i may, with you. do you think both sides right now are seriously ready to go over the cliff? >> i think the president is very ready because they are reading
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into this election last month a mandate that i simply don't see. the president got 15 million americans to vote against him which fail to produce any type of meaningful budget in his democratic controlled senate. we are at the disco club because of the president's inability to ever a single-day tackle entitlement reform and take it seriously talk about tax reform instead of tax hikes, so i think the way to have honest good faith initiations is to come to the table closer together. lou: before we restructure negotiations that act have not taken place, the republican side of the issue? and other republicans ready to go over the cliff? >> probably because they know that president -- they know that the president is not serious about anything but taxing the rich. lou: so to be clear republicans and all of this are pure and noble and the democrats are crass and political. is that right?
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>> partisan poppycock. political motives are clear. force the republicans on the ads, making shut down the government, make them look bad, recreate 1995 which i participated in. you make it look bad and you get a shot to take back the house and create american public opinion to work for you. >> and the country goes bankrupt thank you for being honest. >> i'm not writing policy, nor am i policy person, but i do understand. this is an attempt under this president to ensure that the republicans look as bad as they have never looked. lou: the republicans, this is a direct attack. and to elements of the dna of the republican party. one is low taxes and secondly, it is a sense of fiscal prudence and responsibility. if they play it is entirely wrong they could have both of those elements of their dna strips from them.
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>> that is right. the thing i worry about is the republicans seem to negotiates themselves. they blew an opportunity to frame this issue to the american people. when you had the senate minority leader, and laugh when he heard about the proposal, if i were him i would have come out and said, you know what, this administration wants to usurp the constitttion of the united states and take away the ability of congress to control the purse strings. they are not serious, not negotiating in good faith and years the republican proposal. lou: you mentioned that this president was emboldened. just for the record, dismissing any idea of a mandate as a result of that election. the president himself has chosen to resurrect an idea. but the issue here, these republicans have lost two presidential elections a row. theseerepublicans right now looked as though they are utterly flummoxed by the strategy and the actions and their rhetoric of this white
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house. is there anyone in the republican party who is going to be able to stand up and carry a clear, crystal clear message to the american people that they're working for them, not for small business, big business, and not for some sort of archaic concept of the republican party but rather a party that is embracing 2012. >> yes, but to move toward they ought to look at 2010. because 2008 -- 2006, eight, and 12 were terrible for republicans. what was the message? i spoke to the three works fine people in washington yesterday from all over the country. i said i will give any of your million bucks if you get some new what the republican message was in 2006. i kept my money. i give you a dollar if you continue with the republican message was in 2010. all about puuhing back against excessive interests of expansive expensive government over reached in the guise of tarp and
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stimulus and obamacare. here we are again. they know who they are. >> a party of social issues cannot make its of a party of economics. they are completely stuck in the middle, and obama holds the cards. if they take the wrong but they lose and if they take the right pose the lose. of their patriotic into what is right they lose. very difficult position to be in >> but you are admitting that this is about tactics. [talking over each other] >> i am not a brain surgeon. i am a political person. that's what i do. lou: i love it when you are modest. >> modesty becomes you. this is where i think republicans have an opportunity to lead. they need to be clear, concise, and say -- lou: if i made, who in the republican party is capable of carrying out -- >> there are a number of them.
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republicans need to find somebody. lou: he could not carry his own state. let me finish. i really want to have less serious discussion here tonight. who among the republican leaders and i would like you to name names, has the capacity and at the same time as he recites as many people i would like you to explain why they are not up rallying a republican party from the locals, districts and communities and municipalities to the national campaign. >> well, for one -- lou: it should be had. >> one individual who should released about the place you can do this is my old boss, governor of ohio, chairman of the house budget committee. lou: he just lost his state in a national election. >> romney lost the state.
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the unemployment rate in ohio has gone down was due to policies. >> sorry about these governors. they have made there stay solvent. but look. -- [talking over each other] >> if i may. my heart is filled with excitement. i am so excited as i hear you tell me how good things are at the state level. there are governors out there. there are state legislatures, 26 of them controlled by republicans. i am not suggesting that the republican party has disappeared i am suggesting that national leaders to deal with the white house in a campaign structure@ that is still campaigning relentlessly after winning a presidential election -- >> the speaker has not buckled. he said la land. lou: did he say lolland all by himself? >> this is serious. here is what we can do. here is what we want to do. take the politics out of it.
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they'd be partisan is this right now. a higher probability they can come to a deal or look like heroes. if they try to make this work there will be in very serious trouble for some time to come. >> stop talking about 2016. i want to hear about 2013. we need one solid message and the multitude of messengers. lou: it's going to look lousy. >> real trouble. >> that is exactly right. lou: much more on the state of the fiscal cliff in the nation next. contagion, a deadly outbreak of a bacterium that is not drug-resistant. so far is a drug-proof. it is attacking our nation's health care facilities. health officials fear it could spread to the general population . dr. mark siegel joins us in moments. disco closed fallout.
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is president obama not serious? surely the leaders would not play games that could result in a ten per -- 10% of the plumber rate, recession, and a massive wall street sell-off. a wall street veteran joins us next. ♪
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♪ lou: the uncertainty over the fiscal cliff, conflicting economic reports giving investors headaches and upset stomachs, at least some of them. to make sense of it all, wall street legend joins us and just moments. first, let's take a look and what caused all of the tanks in the "moneyline" tonight. unexpected weakness, an absence of leaders in washington creating anxiety, some volatility.
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adelle opening the month with a 60-point loss, s&p dropping, nasdaq eight, trading right on the average from monday, 3 billion shares traded on the big board. is in manufacturing index of thing lows, declines in employment, new orders, and exports. offsetting that negative news, construction spending moved higher. automakers posting strong sales performance is in the month as well. the government ten year notes slipping, the yield rising. continued that trading on wall street. obviously causes, nervous investors and traders with the dow hitting its low of the session just saw two minutes after the speaker said his proposal to the white house. to give us his analysis of what is happening in this market, to assess threats and positives for investors and to call those whose nerves are frayed and particularly what looks like a very large game of liar's, today
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we are joined by michael holland, president of holland fund. >> great to be here. lou: there seems to be some considerable attention beginning to be paid by investors to what is happening and washington. what is your sense of the level of anxiety right now? >> interesting. a lot of the viewers are interested in the market. to the extent that there is no liquidity in the market because a lot of people are watching and have not been as stock-market since the crash or for that. lou: a highly intelligent audience by definition. >> by definition. that means that even a little bit of news, positive or negative as a very large amplifying effect on the marketplace. in addition to that i am not going to make a joke of this. the computerized trading has an impact as well. some of these computers actually trade of headlines. so it increases even the -- at
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this point i think a lot of people who actually still pay attention and are still on the market, and there are not too many of them. as people do not believe that these people in washington are so stupid that they are actually going to do this. lou: one of the longest offending. >> i went. i went. so at the end of the date they don't think it is going to be a fiscal cliff issue. it think it will get together and did a short-term thing. if that does not happen there have been some market people the say that would probably be a good thing if there when of the fiscal cliff. it is a disaster. the rating agencies said they would downgrade credit. and the people are not going to be. >> the last time i recall a downgrade the result was a rally in the bond market and about a ten. move over the short term in the equities market. >> yes. lou: so was talking with a fellow the other night, measure of success in his career making
7:20 pm
decisions on equities and companies. he says he thinks the fiscal cliff is so overstated as to be insured. >> without a question in the minority of those i know. >> on the tax side of it is overstated. there is no question. a little the taxes they are talking about. no one likes to pay more taxes, but the effect on the market, the things that are being proposed would be overstated. i don't think a downgrading by the credit agencies is factored into people's thinking. so that part of it, if they do something that makes the credit agencies, all of them in unison downgrade as to something below, think about this, that is not a good thing. that disturbs the markets. lou: so and other smart people watched, the speaker off fumbled
7:21 pm
through his rhetoric to say how tough he is and how resolute the white house will be in all of this. the reaction is in the markets, if it goes another couple of weeks. >> people are saying we are all idiots. people who don't have anything to do with washington and we have to live in places where we are the safest. the debt market or the equities market, particularly the equities market. china, germany, the u.s. they can survive these crazy politicians. lou: tell important. what do you think we can expect? >> far less significance than it has in the past several quarters. in addition people pay less attention to it. lou: and the strength.
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>> i'm going to giie you a very positive thing. the housing industry in the u.s. is absolutely turned around. china is trying back. so you have three major underpinnings well these idiots are doing what they're doing. lou: okay. as always to agree to talk to you. at the box office, vampires in love. james bond with a slow holiday weekend. entertainment twilight finale pulling in 17 million. tops of the box office. the twilight saga breaking don part two has made more than $700 million worldwide. the latest bond flick making another 17 million. pulled in just about 870 million worldwide. the richest total ever in this series. coming in third. thirteen and a half million dollars for the weekend.
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up next, the fiscal cliff. a proposal of his own. the president. what does he think? is it a joke? we will take it up with michael ramirez in just a moment. is our population at risk? a super bug now plaguing this nation's health care facilities. we are joined to assess the threat and the prospects for a public-health response next.
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♪ lou: we do not want to the frightened or concern anyone with these new reports but we think the responsibility braise it to you. the reports of hospitals with in what has been a very quiet battle against a deadly super bug that is resistant to most of not all antibiotics. at this deadly bacteria has been
7:27 pm
reported and hospitals and nursing homes across 42 states in this country. a growing fear is that they could make it way into the general population. joining us now to help us assess what is happening here, a level of the threat and the possible responses by the medical science community, fox news senior medical contributor has written extensively about and mx and this has the prospects of becoming one. first off, good to have you with us. >> good to see you. lou: cre stands for something that i could not possibly pronounced. >> it sounds very foreboding and mysterious and deadly, which is. lou: and it is so deadly and it is spreading. the original report, when we first saw the report. and i want to give them credit for that. the idea that this drug is absolutely drug proved to all
7:28 pm
non antibiotics, is that truly the case? >> not entirely. each time you see this there is occasionally an antibiotic that actually can be used against it, but often this 25, 26 antibiotics tested against this but don't work. and actually it is good to talk about this because it is a symptom of what is wrong with the current situation in medicine are we see people sicken and i see you. we throw a very powerful antibiotic got them, something like merope n.m., which is what fun talking about. lou: the last line of defense. >> right. and the bacteria makes millions and millions of colonies. it sees this drug and over time will develop resistance. this particular resistance was developed back in 2001, but it has been spreading. they bring it to a nursing home.
7:29 pm
it is hard to track it. lou: to this point crt has not been found. >> id is not yet in the communities. we saw that. it ended up in the gym. worried about that here. 40 percent. 40 percent. lou: a comparable disease. >> to give you an idea, you don't see that with hiv or tuberculosis. the biggest problem from a business point of view is that the drug companies don't have an incentive to try to find to give the antibiotics to kill this. even giant said use every day. something like this you only would use if you had the deadly bacteria, so it is not profitable for a drug compann to even, but the solution to this
7:30 pm
problem. they try to mop up they don't have any. no antibiotics out there were all the time against this, and it is going. lou: and there is no drug in the pipeline. >> no drug in the pipeline. you heard me say before in the current climate under obamacare the pipelines are starting to dry. this is not going to be solved easily, and it is growing. the centers for disease control are concerned about this particular venture area. lou: the infectious disease society, one or more drugs killed. 100,000 hospital patients every year and costs the health care system more than $34 billion each and every year. tragedy in the nfl. what drives a professional athlete to murder and suicide? what was the role of drugs and pain?
7:31 pm
we are joined to analyze the tragedy. a red line on syria. secretary of state clinton talking tough as violence rages. what is the president thinking? is obama ready to else aside? details ahead. fiscal close fights, competing proposals. no formal talks said. since when did leaders talk about talking but not sit down at the center will. what is wrong with obama and banner? did they really think this is a good -- a game? ♪
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government. joining us, a pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartoonist. he is a two-time pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartoonist senior editor with investors business daily. great to have you with us. be appreciated so much. i love your cartoons, and i would want to adjust, if we may, go to a few more of them to get your remarks. i want to first it your idea of what you think of the fiscal cliff. you have tough find this to be rich father. >> absolutely. i always suggest, but the best tag riders in the world work for politicians. this white house is giving me plenty of fodder for curtains. and it is funny to think about these events, but a very traumatic and serious. they avoid the fiscal cliff.
7:36 pm
we are talking about over $607 billion worth of money taken out of the economy next year. lou: i just want to put up the next cartoon that we have. it matters not which one you select. but this is one of my favorites. the debt commission saying it is very difficult. is very complicated and then cut spending. i don't think you could have cut better on to the essence of the issue. the absurdity creating obstacles to that resolution in washington d.c. >> but the problem here is that frankly there is a fine and out of capital that can be used up their divided either in the private sector which creates
7:37 pm
businesses and jobs and federal revenue or given to the government which is just a bureaucracy and creates nothing but bureaucratic management. if you look at the last gop congress and the expenditures, about two and half trillion dollars and now the president's proposals are about 4 trillion in spending with deficits and increased. it is the economy. lou: it truly is. and i want to also if we may put up the cartoon. we do this very elegantly here. please put up the cartoon. the envelope. i just wanted to see that. it is great. the corner from the nation of achievement, mainstream america usa to the nation of entitlement
7:38 pm
. i mean, that s to meet not only with the committee is brilliant. can we put that back up? i want to show you something. some might mess in that cartoon. if you look at the stamp in the upper right, and $0.0. it is a food stamp. i have to say, we are looking at a president who is willing, as you know, an assistant on $82 billion of tax increases on the so-called wealthy, the top@ 2%. and that is going to amount to just about nine days, almost nine days a lot bring the federal government's. more and more absurd proportions >> it really is absurd. when you think about it, the deficits cast, over a trillion dollars for the next four years.
7:39 pm
freckly this will add $80 billion a year. it is nonsense. it is a parody of reality, and the blood is not responsible about their duty is being fiscal managers for the united states. when you think about that, $20 trillion in four years. if you paid off a dollar a second you're talking about 670,000 years to pay is tough. the response is impractical, and when you look at the biggess growth which is entitlements and think about the dynamic shift in the demographics, people are getting older, living longer, the costs attributed to that with less workers, our population is not growing at much to mike catastrophic. if they don't do something realistic to curb spending problem. lou: as of tonight it looks like there is nothing realistic going on in washington d.c. imagine that.
7:40 pm
it is great to talk with you. i hope he will come back soon and often. amazing, as you saw. editorial cartoonist. up next ralph nader headlines a triumvirate of angry liberals over the weekend. we will have that straight ahead.3 up tomorrow former ways and means committee chairman, fox is military analyst with a new book. among our guests. stay with us now. the dow's doctors go inside the mind of an nfl player turned killer. suddenly, she does something unexpected and u see the woman you ll in love with. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalaf for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident
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7:44 pm
president obama warning syrian president against using those weapons. >> today i want to make it absolutely clear, the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make that tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable. lou: president obama stops short of saying what steps the united states would take for the regime to cross the so-called redline. battling anti-government rebels for two years. more than 40,000 people a been killed in the fight. angry liberals out in full force over the weekend. among them former five time presidential candidate liberal activist ralph nader same president obama is worth divorce then president bush. >> he does not run with the party and his speech in
7:45 pm
charlotte and the democratic national convention, the most politically suffer speech, more aggressive. he has basically stated that he has the authority to kill an american citizen or citizens anywhere in the world if he suspects them of trouble. lou: after a university professor compared republican lawmakers abiding by the grover norquist anti-tax pledge as seditious and treasonous. up next in nfl star murders his girlfriend, takes his own life in front of his coach and general manager. but let him -- was led him to those acts? leading psychologist answered that question and much more here next.
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♪ lou: the weekend murder suicide committed by kannas city linebacker left the nfl community and the country just grasping for answers as to what was going on in this amendment. a great tragedy. the sixth nfl player in the past two years to take is on life. six nfl players raising the questions about traumatic brain energy, the nfl, and what is going on. joining us to help understand as best we can what happened and what we should be thinking about your as citizens, parents and family members and friends, psychologists and professor and psychotherapist. let me start with the fact that this was such a -- i mean, he
7:50 pm
apparently shot his girlfriend nine times. i mean, this is just an unbelievable. his friends to my teammates, coaches, no one to believe he had done it. >> but this was also someone who was abusing alcohol and drugs who may have had a brain injury, although i would say the probably the abuse of alcohol and drugs can make a depression more profound to make him more out of touch and more desperate. it. lou: a number of people and commented about his short-term memory that he was demonstrating some loss of short-term memorr. does that enter into -- >> and that is something for a neurologist to speak to, but i don't know how short-term memory loss would indicate that he would be more inclined to be violent. i would say he was in a depressed state, of using his body. what triggered the murder homicide was his girlfriend probably turned to leave him. he was not doing very well.
7:51 pm
his team was not doing very well . >> and there were both very young. >> they have a new baby. and he knows -- lou: obviously having a great deal of conflict. >> and we see that quite often with young athletes. we also have to look at this traumatic brain injury. lot of people looking for the big injuries. the concussions are really about the fact that players are going unanswered velocity and they are stopped. and so therefore the brain's just rows inside the skull, it's this call from the inside, and that is what causes the concussion. always looking for these big. that is not where the concussions come from. so this overtime may have caused what we see as the short-term memory loss. >> that is the physiological. when it comes to murder-suicide, sometimes when an intimate partner homicide the person being killed -- lou: we should point out,
7:52 pm
written a very important book about. death to alll-- death tell as part. >> and when i was doing research for this book will we found was people who kill their partners, it does not mean that they do not love them. they're trying to kill the part of a partner that a there wants to leave them and especially in cases where a partner feels there being left. they are so dependent on the partner that they murdered in the killing them. lou: or a partner who feels like there being used. quite often we see with these young athletes, surrounded by young women, sometimes in the getting pregnant. they don't want to harm the child. it is more than they could possibly bear. we don't know if that is what happened, but it might be a combination of relationship issues, depression, maybe all of those things. lou: we're coming right back in just a moment. we will also talk, what is
7:53 pm
becoming an increasingly recurrent phenomenon. murder, violence, and cannibalism. we will be right back in just a moment. having you ship my gifts couldn't beier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office.
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lou: back with the doctors, let me turn to this, the instance of cannibalism, it seems to be happening more, i can't remember hearing so many instances of it. >> historically. you know cannibalism has been documented. for the most part people who engage in this are really severe lehman tally ill -- mentally ill or a severe personal deeual component. that when you are eatin officer who was looking- f the neving there was. can feel e
7:57 pm
an orgasm. i am good, you are evil, i am eating you, i am putting you out of your misery. >> possessing their life force, possessing their psychology, that is part of that, but also look at what is happening on the streets with those scenes of cannibalism, people are taking the bath salts that are psycho stistatement rattle that there deuces strength that is why police cannot subdue some of these people, that is part of th goes, i have had quite enough of that. >> talk about finances. lou: in a way, turning to fiscal cliff, watching joh
7:58 pm
national stage, a game that i'm not sure that media gets or perhaps they. as astute as they are. this is risking everything for a lot of people. what do you make of it? and their attitudes, their demeanor? >> it sounds like everybody is trying to be right, that is interfering with negotiating that needs to happen for what is best for our country and the people who live and love this country. >> in some ways almost a testosterone contest, you do something, i'm going to do something better, this is not about winning for the american people, it is about winning for the party, -- >> the mighty ego. >> i can do it better than you it has to be who wins and who loses. it is unsettling for the american people, it interferes
7:59 pm
with the american people in terms of spending. >> except the american people have come to accept this, they are not that bothered of by it any more, they are used to the game of chicken. lou: but looking at projects, talking about 10 million people unemployed. and talking about another recession, that is -- >> credit rating already was reduced. this is dangerous. >> we doo't want to end up like europe. lou: thank you very much doctors, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: now time for your comments, bob in houston saying, i hope that barack obama gets all of the taxes he wants, i will be the first to say i told you so when consequences happen, people learhe


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